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Alexa Not Playing Music – How to Fix This Common Problem

If you’ve tried a few different things to get Alexa to play your favorite songs but nothing seems to work, you may be wondering why your device isn’t playing the music. Perhaps your device has reset itself or has been unplugged. Either way, you can reconfigure your Alexa device to work properly again. Below are some simple solutions to this common problem. If none of these solutions work, try one of the following:

The first step to fix your Alexa not playing music issue is to determine whether the problem is a hardware or software-based one. If you don’t have an active subscription to Amazon Music, you may be experiencing a software-based issue. To resolve this issue, try setting up your Music app to be automatically connected to Amazon’s servers. This will give Alexa the ability to play the music you’ve celebrities agen requested.

If you’ve tried re-syncing the songs in your Alexa library and still have no luck, try turning off the explicit filter in your Amazon Music library. Another possible cause for Alexa not playing music is that your location isn’t in sync with Amazon’s servers. To resolve this problem, update your Amazon account to reflect your current location. This is important if you plan to move frequently or travel.

If you’re using a service other than Amazon Music, try searching for a service that works with Alexa. If you use several different music services, you can try mentioning the service’s name when you ask Alexa to play music on your device. Alternatively, if you use Amazon Music frequently, try setting it as your default. If all else fails, the music service might be experiencing server or bug issues.

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