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How to Protect Your Alexa Voice Recognition Security

Despite its popularity, some consumers have been concerned about the privacy of their Alexa voice-recognition security. A common complaint is that malicious Alexa skills can listen to your recordings without your knowledge. However, if you follow some simple password hygiene tips, you can keep your Alexa secure. These tips are also relevant if you’re concerned about a family member who has access to your Amazon account. Read on to learn how to protect your voice-recognition security.

One of the main challenges facing security for Alexa is the low penetration of voice profiles. While you can train Alexa to recognize your voice, you need to know the password for your Amazon account. If you don’t provide your password, Alexa will not be able to purchase items without your password. To protect your account, you should also provide the voice-recognition security code of your primary Amazon account. Using this code can prevent unauthorized purchases.

Another concern is that hackers can use your voice to activate Alexa. In some cases, hackers will hijack your system by changing code or modifying your Wi-Fi router. They will also use laser lights or frequencies to trigger Alexa. A few weeks after it was released, Amazon made changes to its security, but the problem persists. Despite its security shortcomings, Alexa has managed to gather over 100,000 skills since it was launched.

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