Madison divorce: What will happen to your pet?

Divorce is always a challenging time, not just for the spouses but for the entire family. If you wish to file for divorce in Madison, you should know that Wisconsin doesn’t require you to accuse your spouse of anything. When your marriage is irretrievably broken, it is ground enough to file for divorce, and even when your spouse doesn’t want to end the marriage, you can initiate the proceedings. Hiring one of the top Madison divorce lawyers should be your first step, much before you make any major decisions. Among other things, you may want to know what would happen to your beloved pet if you and your spouse wish to end the marriage. We have an overview below for your help.

Understanding Wisconsin laws

If you have minor children, their best interests should be the guide for deciding on aspects like child custody and child support. As far as laws in Wisconsin are concerned, a pet is not treated as a minor child but as property. In other words, the court will treat your dog or cat in the same manner as your home or vehicle. There is no difference. There is also a law in the state that allows the courts to make orders regarding pets in situations that involve protective orders. For instance, your spouse could be asked to pay financial support when they have a history of abusing the pet in the past. Every situation is unique in that context dydepune.

Factors that matter

The court is unlikely to give out an order that solely concerns your pet. There are no custody orders when it comes to animals. To decide who gets to keep the pet, the judge has the discretion to decide based on many factors. For instance, who adopted/bought the pet? Was the pet owned by the concerned spouse before the marriage? Who is responsible for the well-being and regular care of the animal? What is the value of the pet? As we mentioned, each case is dealt with differently, but you cannot expect the judge to make an order for your pet alone roobytalk.

Contact an attorney

An attorney is your biggest resource for dealing with property division matters, which also includes your pet. You can rely on them for advice because you want the best for your beloved animal at the end of the day, which may not always be what you initially wished filmy4wep.

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