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Size 0 Weight and Height

There is a lot of hype surrounding size 0 weight and height, but it’s important to understand that not everyone is able to wear it. A size zero can look great on a petite person, but a size 0 could look terrible on someone with a larger frame. If you’re petite and have a medium-height frame, you might need to be incredibly underweight to wear a size 0!

Historically, a size zero model was a girl or woman with a very low Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is an estimate of how much fat is in the body, and it’s derived from a person’s height and weight. However, the World Health Organization considers BMIs under 16 to be unhealthy. Additionally, size 0 is linked to the anorexia nervosa disorder, which causes extreme efforts to lose weight and stay skinny.

Today, more women are concerned with the look of their bodies and are determined to maintain it. In many cases, weight loss is the answer. But how much weight should a size zero woman actually be wearing? Here are the specifications for size zero women. For the record, size zero is the equivalent of size 32-34 in Europe and the UK. Moreover, the bust measurement for a size zero should be around 31.5 inches (80 cms).

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